Jewellery workshop

Tea light house

contempary vases on one of our Ladies night

A selection of hand thrown pottery

Themed Pizza night

Careful painting on a christmas gift

Bespoke hand thrown money pot

hand thrown cookie monster mug (mouth holds bisuits!)

Classic hand thrown bowl

Mothers Day gift workshops

Citrus plates ladies night

Bespoke hand thrown canisters

Viking homework

clay monster

hand thrown pottery

Our Strawberry range (Part of The Clay Cottage Collection)

Help with school projects ( Topic London)

Easter bunnies. Hand modelled

One of our afternoon teas

Easter activities

Hand thrown & modelled chilli pot

Chilli pot painted

Jubilee souvenirs

Brownies and Guides Jubilee souvenirs

Fathers day Gifts

Towie stars trying their hand at the poters wheel

jewellery making

goulish plate for halloween paint one for your little devils!

Nativity figures modeled from clay

clay monster book workshop

monster book trinket box

minion pencil pots

minion money banks clay workshop

fairy doors and toadstool tealight houses

hand modelled christmas angels

hand modelled christmas reindeers

hand thrown beautiful tea pot

matching hand thrown tea cup and saucer

matching trown cup and saucer with tea pot

hand made coil pot

towie stars after fun on the potters wheels

hand thrown money box

hand thrown mug with mouth for biscuit

oriental style hand thrown tea pot and matching cups

hand thrown bowl

hand thrown matching set tea coffee and sugar canisters

modelled monster head

hand thrown cherry bowl

cute hand modelled easter bunny family

alien hand modelled with hand painted acrylic sence behind

hand thrown large chillie pot with hand modelled chillies and leaves

painted and glazed finished chilli pot

hand thrown large vase

hand made dragons

hand made fathers day gift stack of books with the world on top

hand thrown individual cup cake holders made for an author

hand thrown mug with childs hand print added

winter wonderland hand modelled scene

hand thrown pot with attached hand modelled lizard for a mediterain theme

hand made fairy doors and toad stool tea light holders

harry potters monster book of monsters hand made

hand thrown African themed pots. created for the Princes trust

African hand thrown pot

hand made clay pots kids workshop

flower pot people workshop

hand thrown hand print mug in drying stage

dungeon door hand made from clay

clay faces

minions drying

Hand made poinsettias

Hand thrown bowl

African hand thrown pots